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Arrowood's Danny Smith, Vineyard Manager

Meet Danny Smith

We often talk about our winemaker and winemaking team, but get to know Vineyard Manager, Danny Smith, who has a very

Arrowood Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Harvest

Winemaker 2018 Harvest Recap

The 2018 growing season began with bud break approximately one to two weeks after what has been deemed “normal” in th

Arrowood's Cathy Gerhart, Tasting Room Associate

Meet Cathy Gerhart

When you visit the tasting room on the Arrowood estate, there are a handful of people you’ll meet behind the bar.

Arrowood Wine Tasting 101

Wine Tasting 101

The question of how to taste wine is often asked by those who are new to wine tasting.  This is a great question and