Arrowood's Winemaker Recaps the 2021 Harvest

Recapping the 2021 Harvest

Leading up to Harvest

The last weekend in August was a warm one, but no more than it is typically that time of year.  I had just finished running the Santa Rosa Marathon, thinking I’d at least have a week to recover.  But there was no time to rest – the very next day, Sauvignon blanc was ready to be picked! 

Winemaker Kristina Schideler shares Late Harvest Riesling!

We all find ourselves spending more time in the kitchen these days.  Winter weather begs for comfort food, and with so many holiday baking recipes in the queue, it’s easy to forget how effortless and delicious a dessert wine can be.  With a savory cheese or on its own, the Arrowood Late Harvest Riesling is the ultimate treat.  Here are four reasons why this wine should not be overlooked: 

  1.  A little bit goes a long way.  Densely concentrated and rich, the late harvest Riesling is like liquid gold.  A single glass is a dessert on its own.