Meet Cathy Gerhart

When you visit the tasting room on the Arrowood estate, there are a handful of people you’ll meet behind the bar. Get to know more about tasting room associate, Cathy Gerhart.

How did wine become such an important part of your life?

I’ve been drinking wine longer than I’ll admit. I think, at first, I was attracted to the artsy labels. But, as I gained confidence, I experimented with different grape varieties and price points, and my palate evolved. Now that I cook more often, I’m paying greater attention to wine and food pairings. When I pair, say, a filet mignon with one of our Cabs, it is sublime.  

What brought you to your position at Arrowood?

That’s a funny story. I’ve been a wine club member for years, and had stopped in the tasting room to buy some wine. I asked Joe to let me know if he heard of a winery looking to add to their team. Next thing I know, I am interviewing with Joe and the Estate Manager for a job. We spent two hours talking about food, movies, dogs, and the Golden State Warriors. Nothing about my wine knowledge or experience. It was the best interview I’ve ever had.

What do you enjoy best about working in the tasting room?

It’s very simple. I enjoy connecting with people. This really hit home when the tasting room re-opened a month after the Tubbs/Nuns fires of 2017. Club members, neighbors, and friends poured in to talk about their experiences and support Arrowood. To be able to share our wonderful wines and maybe brighten a person’s day…that’s what it’s all about.

What has been one of the most memorable moments while working in the tasting room?

Oh gosh, there are so many memorable moments to choose from. I’d have to say it was when a gentleman brought his girlfriend in to celebrate her completing graduate school (or so she thought). On the veranda, in front of friends and other guests, he toasted her success, dropped to a knee, pulled out a ring, and proposed marriage. Now that was special.

What do you enjoy most about being a wine lover?

This may sound odd, but I enjoy the challenge. There is so much to learn about wine, and I feel an obligation to continually expand what I know so that I can be a better resource for family, friends, and guests.

What is your favorite Arrowood wine and food pairing?

This is like when I asked my parents who their favorite child was (with total certainty that the answer was me). They laughed, and said that they do not favor one child over another. In the same way, I can’t admit loving one food and wine pairing over another. I love them all!

Fun Facts:

1) I have a rescued dog named Beauregard. I talk about him in the tasting room way too much.
2) I’m a fan of the Golden State Warriors. I probably talk about them way too much.
3) In my spare time, I volunteer at an animal rescue.

Arrowood's Cathy Gerhart, Tasting Room Associate

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