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Arrowood Employee Spotlight: Meet Isabelle Herve, Lab Manager

Meet Isabelle Herve

Get to know Isabelle Herve, Laboratory Manager at Arrowood, and how her role is essential to the Winemaking process.
Arrowood's Danny Smith, Vineyard Manager

Meet Danny Smith

We often talk about our winemaker and winemaking team, but get to know Vineyard Manager, Danny Smith, who has a very

Arrowood's Cathy Gerhart, Tasting Room Associate

Meet Cathy Gerhart

When you visit the tasting room on the Arrowood estate, there are a handful of people you’ll meet behind the bar.

Arrowood's Noel Hinojosa, Enologist

Meet Noel Hinojosa

Arrowood enologist, Noel Hinojosa, grew up in Washington state’s Yakima Valley.

Arrowood's Carol Homrighouse, Tasting Room Associate

Meet Carol Homrighouse

Carol Homrighouse is one of the smiling faces behind the tasting room bar on the weekends at Arrowood Winery.  A nati

Arrowood's Joe Label, Guest Relations Supervisor

Meet Joe Label

In the tasting room these days, the saying goes: if the walls could talk they would sound like Joe Label.  Joe began